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Veterinary Care for College Station, TX

Prescription Medication

After being treated, Dr. Fuller might prescribe your pet a certain medication. Upon leaving your appointment, you should receive your medication and instructions to use it. If your pet is having trouble keeping his/her medication down, please give us a call at 979-665-4109.

In order to fill prescriptions, Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic must have seen your patient within the past year in an exam. This allows Dr. Fuller to write out a prescription. We cannot fill scripts written by other doctors.

Science Diet - Learn More Here

Science Diet is pet food for dogs & cats that has no medical supplements added to it. If you have a healthy dog or cat, science diet is your best choice. Science Diet is over the counter and we can sell to anyone.

Prescription Diet - Learn More Here

Hills ® also produces a line of pet food that is created for special medical purposes. This food is prescription, and if your pet does not have a medical reason to be on a certain diet, we do not distribute it, for it can damage your pet's health in the long run. Dr. Fuller will prescribe and explain to you the reasoning for putting your pet on a certain diet.

Also offering pet boarding services
Our long line of veterinary care products also includes:
  • Trifexis
  • Feline Revolution
  • Heartgard Plus
  • Iverheart Max
  • Comfortis
  • Sentinel
  • Advantage II
  • Advantix II
  • Frontline Plus

If you need a refill, please call us at 979-665-4109. We will be more than happy to fill the prescription for you and hold it in our front office for you to come by and pick it up in an hour or later.

Ordering & Pricing

To order your pet's Science Diet, or Prescription Diet Refill, give us a call at 979-665-4109. We can specially order products for you, just make sure to give us a call and we can set a method up for you. Click here to order online!

In addition to our veterinary products, Briarcrest provides reliable dog boarding!
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