Veterinary Services for the Bryan, Brenham, 
College Station, Hearne, & Caldwell, TX areas

Welcome to Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic! If you're looking for a vet near you in the Bryan, Caldwell, Hearne, College Station, or Brenham, TX area, we encourage you to set up an appointment with us. Our veterinarians handle each and every patient with dedication and care. We want your pet to be as healthy as they can be!

In House Bloodwork + Radiology

The Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic has a complete set of diagnostic equipment available to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet's illness. In-house-bloodwork machines allow the veterinarians to evaluate internal organ function. Our full radiology and ultrasonography capabilities enable the imaging of internal organs. Endoscopy is also available to diagnose gastro-intestinal problems as well as the retrieval of foreign bodies, all without a surgical incision.

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All of our Spays and Neuters are done on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. If you are interested in having your dog or cat spayed/neutered we would be happy to do so. For more information on the actual procedure please click here. The operation will take place sometime in the morning, and one of our doctors or technicians will give you a call later on that day to let you know how the procedure went. If you do not receive a call before 3:30, feel free to call us. We do keep all spays & neuters overnight, just to make sure everything is still going smoothly. Your pet should be able to go home by noon the next day. Upon arrival to pickup your dog/cat, one of our receptionists or technicians should provide you with information regarding the stitches and any other instructions. [Pricing]


Here at Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic, we offer microchipping to better protect your pet. Microchips are a standard price of $27, and upon purchase you will receive your pet's microchip number. If your dog/cat is ever lost, the Animal Shelter or a Veterinary Clinic can scan him/her to help return your beloved pet.
Emergency Care

Should you have an after hours pet emergency, we recommend calling the Texas A & M Small Animal Hospital. Their number is 979-665-4109 and their highly qualified staff will be happy to provide your pet with the best possible care. They are located at 465 Raymond Stotzer Parkway, College Station, TX 77845.

Pet Boarding

Here at Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic, we provide a spacious pet boarding facility which is completely indoors and climate controlled. There is also a fenced in backyard where all pets get to enjoy solitary exercise time twice daily. If you are arriving to pick up your pet on a weekday, he or she will receive a bath, toenail trim, and anal gland expression.
Bathing, Cropping, & Toenail Trims


Here at Briarcrest, we have a technician on staff to bathe your pet in the mornings. If your pet is boarding with us during the week, he or she will receive a complimentary bath. If you just want a bath, you would need to give us a call at least a day before, so that we can schedule your bath. When your pet is in for his bath, he will receive a complimentary toe nail trim. [Pricing]

Toenail Trims

If you are interested in having your dog's toenails trimmed, just stop by at anytime between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. One of our technicians will take care of his toenails in a matter of minutes. There is no charge for toenail trims, as long as you are a client of ours.
Ear Crop

If you are looking to have your Boxer/Doberman/Miniature Schnauzer/Giant Schnauzer/Great Dane/Miniature Pinscher or Pitbull's ears cropped, you are in luck, for Dr. Fuller is one of the few veterinarians in the area who performs ear croppings on dogs. To set up an ear crop, please give us a call, or email. We will need to set up an appointment prior to the operation so that Dr. Fuller can make sure that everything is going well, and the surgery can be performed successfully. An ear crop is considered a surgery, and will have to be scheduled on either a Tuesday or Thursday, with a drop off time between 8:00 - 9:00 AM. Our ear cropping procedure does require an overnight stay and many follow-up visits thereafter. Dr. Fuller will only perform a standard breed cut on all dogs. We do not condone fighting of dogs therefore short "fight" cuts will NOT be done. [Pricing]


Puppy & Dog Vaccinations

Your puppy will need to come in 3 times for his/her 3 rounds of puppy shots: the first round at 6-8 wks, 2nd at 10-12 wks, and 3rd at 14-16 wks. Your adult dog will need to come in bi-annually for their annual vaccines including: distemper/parvo, kennel cough/bordetella, heartworm check, fecal, and rabies. [Pricing]

Kitten & Cat Vaccinations

Your kitten will need to come in 2 times for his/her 2 rounds of kitten shots: the first at 8-9 wks and 2nd at 11-12 wks. Your cat will also need to come in once a year for their annual vaccinations including: fvrcp, leukemia, fecal, rabies. [Pricing]

Dental Hygiene

As our pets are living longer healthier lives we are becoming more and more concerned about their oral health. Most pets will need a professional dental cleaning by the time they are 4 to 5 years of age. The rate at which tartar builds up on their teeth is dependent on diet and heredity conditions.

Dental Disease

As tartar builds up on the teeth, it hardens to form calculus. The calculus is a source for bacteria and can cause infection to the gums. As the gumline becomes inflamed and infected it recedes. The recession of the gumline causes exposure of the tooth's roots which are not protected by enamel. The final stage of dental disease involves abscessation and loss of the teeth. In addition to being painful, this can lead to infection elsewhere in the body (i.e. kidneys, liver, tonsils, heart valves, etc.).


Once the teeth have been professionally cleaned, there are several options to help reduce the build-up of tartar in the future. One option is to brush the pet's teeth. There are special brushes and tooth paste specifically made to facilitate this process. This method may be difficult to do effectively with some pets. If brushing is not possible, other options to reduce tartar build-up are available. These include oral rinses and specially designed chews. The chews resemble rawhide and have special enzymes embedded in them to reduce tartar before it hardens into calculus.
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